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Screenshot 2016-01-25 21.09.23McDonald’s has been facing falling numbers for the last two years. What is a multi-billion dollar company to do? Introducing the “all-day breakfast” initiative. This quarter marked the second quarter of growth for McDonald’s at a 5.7% sales increase.

Kind of boring information… but the take-away is important. No matter how large or small the company, it’s important to constantly reinvent your strategies, analyze your results and plan your next move.

So we ask you — What is your McMuffin? What new idea is going to increase your revenue? For some, it’s going to be a bold new marketing campaign. Or maybe it’s a new product line or a new website with increased function and added value for your clients. Perhaps it’s “all-day brunch”.

Not to turn this into a sales pitch, but we’re really great at this. We’ve reinvented and created many marketing initiatives for both large and small companies with great results. Call us today to let us create your plan, and we’ll bring the coffee.

It’s time to thinkmoka.


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