[ahr-tuh-zuh n] NOUN

a person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods:

That’s what we do…

The MOKA mindset

The process


The MOKA mindset

At MOKA, we believe in original design concepts inspired by our clients and not boxed solutions. Great design can’t be mass-produced or “scaled”. You can’t scale quality and innovation. This is why MOKA will always be a carefully collected team of master artisans working on an intimate scale, crafting each unique brand with great care and ingenuity.

We don’t copy trends—

we create them.

Kendra Beavis
Founder, MOKA

We don’t copy trends—

we create them.

Kendra Beavis
Founder, MOKA

The Boss Lady

Kendra McCarrick Beavis


Kendra Beavis is Founder, and CEO of the brand strategy studio, MOKA Creative. Over the last 20 years, she has been celebrated as a master artisan, working on an intimate scale with her clients, and crafting unique brands with great care and ingenuity.

She believes that the flip side of great design is thoughtful strategy. With this core belief in mind, she has developed and elevated over 54 brands in the fitness, retail and financial industries and won multiple industry awards, most recently for her brand and website development with solidcore.

Her favorite project to date has been raising her two children on Long Island, supported by the tireless efforts of her tech-savvy husband.


The MOKA Creative Circle

Grace Furst

Web Designer

Driven by a passion for exploring new solutions, Grace takes pride in providing the best designs possible. As a web designer, her goals include making websites more accessible, creating stunning visual designs, and exploring innovative ways to showcase brands. Outside of web design, Grace enjoys performing on stage as a freelance ballet dancer. In 2021, Grace obtained her BBA in Business Management and BFA in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University. During her free time, you can find her hiking in the mountains or enjoying a good book.

MartÍn Liveratore


MartÍn is a fantastic award-winning published designer. He has won major mentions and awards throughout his career. He is most proud of his work being published in numerous design publications and books.
He defines good design and his work as powerful, simple, honest, friendly and as little design as possible. The more straightforward, the better. “Less but better”, is one of MartÍn's favorite phrases which has become his mantra while working on any design project. We are thrilled and honored to be able to have MartÍn on our team.

Tom Basgil

Marketing Manager

Dog dad, numbers nerd, award-winning marketer, and your new social media best friend. Committed to delivering real business ROI. Marketing Strategy Certificate from Cornell + BA in Behavioral Science + Google Ads Certified.

Julius Tuazon

Multimedia Artist

Julius Tuazon is a Multimedia Artist from Los Angeles. For the better part of 15 years, he has specialized in Graphic Design, Audio Production, Post Production and Web Design.

He’s worked with companies such as eHarmony, Sony, Wingstop, R.L. Stein, and Sila Productions. His interests include motion graphics, sound design, audio engineering and mixing. In addition to his specialty in graphic arts, he also enjoys leather making, garment design and sewing, home brewing, motorsports and spending time with his fiancée and animal children.

MOKA Creative Circle is excited to count Julius as a team member. We can't wait to show off the collaborations with Julius.

Shawn Harstick

Motion Designer

Shawn is experienced art director, motion designer, dad, husband & part-time skateboarder.

Fueled by a need to know how to do things and make them look awesome. Currently Working as a Motion Graphic Designer with
more than 15 years experience in advertising.

MOKA Creative Circle just got a little cooler. Shawn brings to #teammoka boatloads of expertise and creativity. His long history in the industry and chill demeanor is a welcome addition to the team. Check out his instagram and Vimeo to see how he likes to stretch his creative skills.

Ezra Bezaliel


Ezra bezaliel is an advertising and public relations student from Suffolk University Boston. He is currently working as an intern in Moka during his summer and fall semesters. His main jobs are creating plans for social media strategies, calendars, and graphics. Other than that, Ezra is also involved in web design projects analyzing UX/UI strategies. During his free time, Ezra also enjoys photography, videography, cooking, and playing puzzles. "Learning is a never-ending process," is one of Ezra's favorite phrases that push him to become a better person.

Our Process

How we begin

We begin with a consultation where we take a deep-dive into the psychology of the company in order to create an effective end result.

don’t worry, we’ll bring the coffee.
  • Goals
  • Design preferences
  • Philosophy
  • Ideal customer/client
  • Current sales and marketing efforts
  • Company culture

The design process

Our design process begins with research, brainstorming, and sketching. We do a competitor analysis, research your industry trends and anticipate what's coming next. After creating a mood board filled with inspiration, we get to working through many many many designs. We choose color palettes, font pairings, sketches to develop and create a universe of possibility for your brand.

Make it work

We don’t just make pretty things. Form without function is just a bad product. We evaluate your client’s journey and make sure that your branding and website are functionally

Go-live and beyond

Ready to go live! WAIT! This is not a "you build it, they will come" digital world. We formulate a launch plan specific to your brand. We analyze all the methods of communication that make sense to your industry and your audience. Utilizing social media, print, digital advertisements and secret MOKA methods including smoke signals, we create a solid plan to bring your brand/product/website to market in a memorable and impactful way.

They like us…

they really like us


design awards


websites launched


brands created


social media posts

What our clients are saying

Moka brings ideas and concepts to life by adopting a customized and focused approach to the way they work with their clients to help them achieve their creative vision on paper or on a screen. With so many competitors in the graphic design field, Moka is unmatched and nothing short of exceptional.

Maimonides Medical CenterAlejandro Lojo

After working with Kendra for three years, I am confident that she can successfully manage diverse projects from out-of-home ads to invitations to animated web banners without a hitch. Her quick turnaround and solid creative vision have solidified her as a strong and talented graphic designer that I will gladly continue to work with in the future."

Coney Island AllianceTom Basgil

Moka Graphic's owner, Kendra, is a creative and thoughtful graphic artist who has a keen eye for design. She is in tune with her clients' needs and has their best interests at heart. Not only is Kendra talented, but she is personable and easy to work with.

J Flynn InsuranceJennifer Flynn

Kendra is great to work with---as soon as comments and input are provided she always provides multiple great options for our graphic needs. She's a pleasure to work with and provides a quick turnaround.

Coney IslandAlexandra Silversmith

Kendra is in a word unflappable. She is super creative and yet, she can take direction without skipping a beat. That is a pretty rare combination.

She is always on point in a pinch and I trust her with everything.

What else can I say? There aren't even words to express how much I adore her.

Licensed Associate RE BrokerSherry Winter Parker

Moka Graphics is a wonderful company that we have been working with for over 7 years. They are efficient, innovative, and very responsive to our needs. We have evolved enormously over the past several years and Moka Graphics has been able to keep up with our growing needs. Their staff are extremely professional and always get things done in a timely manner. Most recently they designed our new web page and not only is it beautiful, our clients have commented how user friendly it is when searching for their desired services or food and supplement needs.

Weight No LongerJane Buglione MSN, RN