Have you ever woken up just brimming with excitement for no particular reason?

You bounce out of bed and go through your morning routine with a huge smile on your face. There is a bubbling in your belly and a yelp at the back of your throat. You hug your kids extra hard and kiss your husband a bit longer than usual in an attempt to bestow some of your excitement onto them. While making the coffee, your head is swimming with thoughts that seem to jump and cartwheel for your attention; each deeming themselves better than the others that are also fighting for the same moment of recognition. If you know this feeling of joy and anticipation, then you know the moment I’m talking about — this is inspiration.

For a creative person, being inspired is like giving a toddler cotton candy. You feel an unexplainable energy that bubbles up from within. If you don’t take action in that exact moment, you might burst. So off I go… This particular inspiration manifesting as a blog post on my sorely neglected blog.

On average, I wake up about four days out of seven feeling this excitement. The blessing is definitely not lost on me. I go about my life with high highs and medium lows, acknowledging you wouldn’t know one without the other. I use words that are positive definites like favorite, best, amazing, super and love more than I should in normal daily conversation. I feel like a beacon of light and I want to share it with anyone around. I sometimes find myself surprised when the other party on the receiving end of my energy shower doesn’t seem to share my enthusiasm, but if they do, it becomes a full-blown love fest with a gluttonous energy exchange.

I write this today to fulfill that need to share this feeling with the world and possibly connect with another person who knows what I’m talking about. There is magic in the moment when you take action on these feelings. You go into a blackout fuzzy world and your unconscious mind takes over. When you come out of it, you open your eyes and see what you did almost as if you weren’t the one that created it. It’s truly an amazing feeling.

Thanksgiving has just passed, and I sit and reflect on all the blessings in my life. I am always thankful for my family and friends and thriving business and amazing clients, but as I sit in my big brown chair next to a blinking Christmass tree, annoyed that my fake nails are hindering the speed at which I can type, I realize that it’s this exuberant feeling that I was blessed to be able to feel so often — this is what I am most thankful for this year.

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