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Brand colors

Sticking to your brand color palette allows for consistency and helps with brand awareness. Please choose colors from this palette when creating items to represent your business in the future.


CMYK: 92, 55, 35 , 13
RGB: 7, 97, 125
HEX: #08617D


CMYK: 100, 89, 47, 16
RGB: 35, 56, 94
HEX: #23385E


CMYK: 30, 0, 100, 0
RGB: 191, 215, 48
HEX: #BFD730


CMYK:  72, 60, 59 , 9
RGB: 92, 99, 101
HEX: #5C6365


Your logos have been created in all formats for any future use.
They are available as .png, .eps, .jpg and .pdf and in 4-color, 1-color and reverse.

Please click the link to access your files.

Printed Materials

Your available printable files are here packaged in several formats for future usage.


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