Eve Academy

Dreaming of conquering the digital realm? EVE Academy is made for women like you, eager to build their digital business. Alongside us, you’ll unearth a garden of digital resources ripe with innovation and curated to light the entrepreneurial spark within you.

Join a thriving community where you can flourish, upskill, and connect with fellow go-getters. Together, we will embrace curiosity, face the unknown, and transform every challenge into an opportunity to achieve your dreams. Every new beginning starts with a story. We’re here to help you write a legendary one.


Tribe of Unicorns Podcast

Unleash Your Creative Magic with our Entrepreneurial Experts – You’ve Found Your Tribe

Welcome to the Tribe of Unicorns podcast – where we’re all about bringing a little bit of magic to your day! I’m your host, Kendra Beavis, and together we’re diving into the world of creative entrepreneurship, inspiration, and all the crazy ups and downs that come with being a creative unicorn in this world.

We’re here to chat with amazing creative entrepreneurs and explore their unique journeys – from the wildest, most imaginative ideas, to the most practical and strategic ways of bringing them to life. And let’s be real, we’ll probably get a little sassy along the way – because that’s just how we roll!

So come on in, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to discover your inner unicorn. It’s time to unleash your creativity and take on the world with our tribe of magical misfits!

Brand Strategy & Web Design

Lost in the Digital Shuffle? Let’s Find Your Shine.

Remember why you started? That fire, that passion, that ‘we’re-gonna-rock-this’ spirit? We see it, even if right now it’s buried under layers of confusion and “what the heck do we do next?”

At MOKA, we don’t just create websites or logos. We excavate. We unearth the essence of YOU. Then, we paint it across the digital canvas so everyone else can see it too. It’s not about flashy designs (though, trust us, you’ll look fabulous). It’s about re-aligning, rediscovering, and re-launching your brand in a way that feels oh-so-right.

If your brand’s compass seems a tad off, don’t sweat it. We’ve got the map, the mojo, and the magic touch to guide you back to clarity. So, take a breath, grab our hand, and let’s bring your vision back into focus. Ready to glow?


Kendra Beavis

As the Founder and CEO of MOKA Creative, Kendra has already made an indelible mark on the world of brand strategy. With two decades of hard-won experience under her belt, she’s not just a brand wizard but a master artisan who takes the time to intimately understand her clients and their visions. That’s how she’s been able to elevate over 154 brands in various industries to stratospheric heights and even snag some industry awards along the way.

But it’s Kendra’s personal transformation that really captivates the heart. Turning her traumas into catalysts for growth, she has distilled her wisdom into the groundbreaking “Brand New You Method.” This isn’t just another self-help protocol; it’s a life-altering journey that Kendra personally walks you through, helping you reinvent yourself from the inside out. The BNY Method is the ultimate roadmap for anyone yearning for clarity, confidence, and aligned action to make their dreams a reality.

As impressive as her professional accolades are, ask Kendra about her proudest achievement, and she’ll tell you it’s her personal growth and her family. Alongside her tech-savvy husband, Kendra is raising two amazing children on Long Island, combining the roles of a career-driven entrepreneur and a devoted mom with awe-inspiring grace.

Kendra Beavis, Principal of MOKA Creative