Meet WooP

Your friendly Wordpress robot.

WooP is a WordPress hosting company that grew out of a networking and colocation company that often saved the day as a favor to their clients when they faced hosting nightmares.

WooP had no other direction than a fun name and a need to let clients know their unique service was safe, fast, secure and reliable.

After deciding on a character to represent the fun company, and drawing many WooP concepts, we created a final set of personalities for WooP. In addition to a solid brand guide with a wide color palette, we also are developing a fun, interactive website chock full of videos, FAQs, service and signup functionalities.

Meet WooP

Our talented designer Sarah is the mother of WooP. She has an extensive background in illustration and creates incredible art in her spare time. She's also an avid rock climber.

The character design of the WooP mascot/logo was a focal point in our branding initiative. We wanted to create a character that was fun, approachable and iconic. This meant creating hundreds of drafts – some making it to the final cut and others scrapped along the way to ensure only the best of the best WooPs made the website. We loved this designing this project and WooP is now a beloved part of our family!


  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
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Website and brand design by MOKA Creative

User experience

is key!

As fun as it is to illustrate our vision with fun characters, it’s equally important to make sure the user experience is thoroughly thought-out. When a client is looking for a new hosting solution, it’s usually because they are unhappy with their current host. They need to feel secure and know their old issues are in the past. We achieved this with the WooP UX design focusing on the main pain points associated with web hosts and paired them with quick answers and WooP’s unique solutions.