Applied DNA Sciences

Molecular-Based Security and Authentication Solutions

Objective: Create a digital platform to help Applied DNA Sciences (ADNAS) effectively communicate their mission and advertise their products/applications to new and existing clientele as well as provide current information to their investors.

ADNAS had an outdated website with many pages and crucial information that was difficult to navigate and no real focus to the messaging. Their tone was too technical with an over-abundance of text.

We worked with the ADNAS team to create the proper tone for their audience and paired down the information they were sharing on the main pages. We focused heavily on creating a strong user experience with easy navigation and created a timeless website that the ADNAS team continues to use and grow.

ADNAS (Applied DNA Sciences) Website Design viewed on Desktop
ADNAS (Applied DNA Sciences) Website Design viewed on Laptop
ADNAS (Applied DNA Sciences) Website Design viewed on Phone
ADNAS (Applied DNA Sciences) Website Design

Re-structuring information is one of our past-times. We first identify the client profiles and then craft the information to each of the potential audiences.


  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Information restructuring
  • UX/UI
  • SEO implementation
  • WordPress Training
Website and brand design by MOKA Creative

What do you do when you have a complicated subject matter that needs to be visually appealing?


ADNAS offers a wide variety of very specific solutions to many different industries. We aimed to keep the verbiage to a minimum to create a visually focused hierarchy of information.
To achieve this goal, MOKA created custom iconography with roll-over hot spots with additional information about each solution.